Matt Ward

MonoDevelop NuGet Addin Releases

Version 0.9


  • Updated to NuGet 2.8.1
  • Fix target framework for dependency being ignored.

Version 0.8


  • Updated to NuGet 2.7.2
  • Fix old NuGet packages showing as installed in solution when they are not installed.
  • Fix old NuGet packages not being removed on updating to a new package.
  • Fix exception when NuGet feed results returned after dialog is closed.

Version 0.7


  • Updated to NuGet 2.7.1
  • Improved PCL support on Linux and Mac.
  • Support installing Json.NET into project targeting PCL profile that includes Mono.
  • Fix updated pre-release packages not being shown in Updated tab.
  • Support using package restore with different parallel mono environments.

Version 0.6


  • Updated to NuGet 2.7
  • Add support for restoring NuGet packages.
  • Added message to show that the Manage Packages dialog is looking for packages.
  • Fixed rootnamespace not being replaced in source code transforms.

Version 0.5


  • Update to NuGet 2.6
  • Support XML document transformations (XDTs).
  • Add Update All button to Manage Packages dialog.
  • Support authenticated feeds with credentials in NuGet.config.
  • Support pre-release NuGet packages in Manage Packages dialog.
  • Support NuGet packages containing MSBuild targets and props files.
  • Add file conflict dialog.
  • Show package install error message in Manage Packages dialog.
  • Show NuGet package title and package id in Manage Packages dialog.

Version 0.4


  • Fix web.config transforms not being applied when package installed.
  • Add general NuGet options panel.
  • Option to enable NuGet package restore.
  • Add support for viewing and clearing NuGet packages cache.
  • Add support for clearing recent packages list.
  • Add paging to Manage Packages dialog.
  • Show the Last Published Date without the time in Manage Packages dialog.
  • Show package dependencies in Manage Packages dialog.

Version 0.3


  • Fix packages.config being added to the project with BuildAction of Compile.

Version 0.2


  • Fix NuGet package id not displayed in logging output in Manage Packages dialog.
  • Show feed error message in package list in Manage Packages dialog.
  • Fix disabled package sources being used in Manage Packages dialog
  • Show package sources drop down in updated packages tab.
  • Remove all from package source combo box when only one source.
  • Always show package sources in Available and Updates tab.

Version 0.1


  • First Release