Matt Ward

MonoDevelop NuGet Addin 0.9

New Features

NuGet 2.8.1

NuGet 2.8.1 includes support for Windows Phone 8.1 projects with the new target frameworks:

  • WindowsPhone81 / WP81 (for Silverlight-based Windows Phone projects)
  • WindowsPhoneApp81 / WPA81 (for WinRT-based Windows Phone App projects)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix target framework for dependency being ignored.

A NuGet package can specify a dependency on another NuGet package when a particular target framework is being installed:

   <group targetFramework="net40">
      <dependency id="MyDependency" version="1.0"/>

Installing this NuGet package into a project that targets net20, with the MyDependency NuGet package being unavailable on any NuGet feed, will now no longer fail. Only when installing the NuGet package into a project that targets net40 will this dependency be resolved.


The source code for the addin is available on GitHub.

The addin is also available to download from a custom MonoDevelop repository: