Matt Ward

NuGet File Locations

NuGet directory and file locations across Linux, Mac and Windows operating systems.

See also Managing the Global Packages and Cache Folders

To display the various NuGet cache locations you can run the following command

nuget locals all -list

NuGet Cache

Stores downloaded NuGet packages (.nupkg).


  • ~/.local/share/NuGet/Cache
  • ~/.nuget/packages


  • %LocalAppData%\NuGet\Cache
  • %UserProfile%\.nuget\packages


  • ~/.local/share/NuGet/Cache
  • ~/.nuget/packages

NuGet Configuration

The NuGet.Config file stores user defined NuGet package sources, credentials and proxy settings. The default location for this file is:

Mac ~/.config/NuGet/NuGet.Config

Windows %AppData%\NuGet\NuGet.Config

Linux ~/.config/NuGet/NuGet.Config

Machine Wide NuGet Configuration

Machine wide configurations are used to define NuGet package sources specific to a machine or a particular IDE, such as Visual Studio.


Windows %ProgramData%\NuGet\Config


Inside this directory there may be a NuGet.Config file or subdirectories for IDE specific NuGet.Config files. The files are checked for in the following order:

  1. %ProgramData%\NuGet\Config\IDE\Version\SKU\*.config
  2. %ProgramData%\NuGet\Config\IDE\Version\*.config
  3. %ProgramData%\NuGet\Config\IDE\*.config
  4. %ProgramData%\NuGet\Config\*.config