Matt Ward

MonoDevelop Project System Tools Addin Releases

Version 0.5


  • Support Visual Studio for Mac 8.10
  • Support MSBuild 16.10 binlogs
  • Fix Open Binary Log File being disabled for builds
  • Fix Build binlog tree viewer showing exceptions and no targets

Version 0.4


  • Support capturing binary logs for all design-time builds
    • Requires Visual Studio for Mac 8.5

Version 0.3


  • Task inputs, parameters and outputs now displayed in Build tab
  • Added workaround for Save As dialog being shown twice

Version 0.2


  • Added Target Summary and Task Summary tab windows
  • Added Build tab containing a tree view of the binlog
  • Show properties associated with selected Build binlog tree view item in Properties window
  • Show filename as document title instead of full file path

Version 0.1


  • First Release