Matt Ward

MonoDevelop Paket Addin Releases

Version 0.6


  • Support MonoDevelop 8.1

Version 0.5.1


  • Support MonoDevelop 8.0
  • Fix ordering of Paket Dependencies and Paket References folders in Solution window

Version 0.5


  • Update to paket 5.176.4
  • Show errors reading paket.references in Solution window
  • Show errors reading paket.dependencies in Solution window

Version 0.4


  • Update to paket 5.120.1
  • Add new Paket file icons provided by Václav Vančura
  • Fix code completion not working in paket.dependencies file
  • Fix warnings when running paket.exe with deprecated command line arguments
  • Fix errors running paket.exe not reported in Paket Console and status bar.

Version 0.3


  • Support installing specific versions from the Add Packages dialog. The Add Packages dialog now has “Latest” as a version in the combo box. If Latest is selected then the NuGet package is added without a version. If a specific version is selected then the version will be added to the paket.dependencies file. For pre-release NuGet packages the version is used even if Latest is selected otherwise Paket will use the latest stable version.
  • Update to NuGet v3 so the v3 package source is supported.
  • Update the Add Packages dialog to what is currently used in MonoDevelop 6.1.
  • Use package sources defined in NuGet.Config file. Previously only the main v2 package source was available in the Add Packages dialog.
  • Allow switching to the configured package sources from the Add Packages dialog.
  • The Add Packages dialog now supports the light and dark theme.

Version 0.2


  • Update to Paket 3.23.2

Version 0.1


  • First Release