Matt Ward

MonoDevelop NuGet Package Explorer Addin Releases

Version 0.6


  • Fix Open Package menu not enabled on Solution window in Visual Studio for Mac 8.8

Version 0.5


  • Show all non-internal folders in the NuGet package not just known folders

Version 0.4


  • Display new license metadata. License expressions now displayed with links to the licenses.
  • Updated to use NuGet 5.2
  • Show package repository information
  • Show package type information (e.g. DotNetCliTool)
  • Show original package version instead of the normalized semantic version. Some packages use a commit hash as the package version which was not being displayed unless the .nuspec tab was selected.

Version 0.3.3


  • Fix .nupkg files being open in hex editor

Version 0.3.2


  • Support MonoDevelop 8.1.
  • ILMerge Lucene.NET instead of shipping it separately.

Version 0.3.1


  • Re-packaged 0.3 to workaround problem with addin server returning old 0.3 addin for MonoDevelop 8.0

Version 0.3


  • Support showing SemVer 2.0 NuGet packages in search results.

Version 0.2


  • Fixed null reference when opening new file dialog
  • Enable Open Package… menu for .NET Core projects
  • Open dialog if NuGet package cannot be found
  • Support opening a package with .NET Core projects
  • Handle package version wildcards

Version 0.1


  • First Release