Matt Ward

MonoDevelop NuGet Addin Extensions Releases

Version 0.21


  • Support Visual Studio for Mac 8.3 RTM
  • Fixed error resolving NuGet.Resolver

Version 0.20


  • Support Visual Studio for Mac 8.3 preview
  • Remove Manage NuGet packages dialog (now included with Visual Studio for Mac 8.3).

Version 0.19


  • Support Visual Studio for Mac 8.1 which uses NuGet 5.0

Version 0.18


  • Add PowerShell Core based NuGet Package Manager Console
    • Supports tab completion
    • Supports Entity Framework Core PowerShell commands
    • Supports Get-Help
    • Supports stopping the running PowerShell command

Version 0.17


  • Support Visual Studio for Mac

Version 0.16


  • Support Visual Studio for Mac

Version 0.15


  • Support Visual Studio for Mac which uses NuGet 4.8

Version 0.14


  • Support Visual Studio for Mac which uses NuGet 4.7
  • Change clear button icon used in Package Console Extension to match other output windows.

Version 0.13


  • Show license dialog one time only when installing, updating or consolidating NuGet packages into multiple projects.

Version 0.12.6


  • Support Visual Studio for Mac

Version 0.12.5


  • Support Visual Studio for Mac

Version 0.12.4


  • Support Visual Studio for Mac
  • Increase height of Select Projects dialog

Version 0.12.3


  • Support Visual Studio for Mac
  • Support NuGet 4.3
  • .NET Core projects supported in PowerShell console
  • NuGet packaging projects supported in PowerShell console
  • PackageReference projects supported in PowerShell console

Version 0.12.2


  • Support Visual Studio for Mac

Version 0.12.1


  • Support Visual Studio for Mac preview 3

Version 0.12


  • Support NuGet 3.4.3 and MonoDevelop 6.1
  • Allow PowerShell console to be cleared using command line using ‘Clear’.

Version 0.11.1


  • Support NuGet 2.12

Version 0.11 (MonoDevelop 6.0)


  • Support MonoDevelop 6.0

Version 0.11


  • Support Update-Package -Reinstall
  • Fix null reference exception when opening Manage Packages dialog when no solution is open
  • Prevent exceptions in search categories used in global search crashing IDE.

Version 0.10.1


  • Support NuGet 2.8.7 and Xamarin Studio 5.10.

Version 0.10


  • Support DependencyVersion parameter in Install-Package PowerShell command.

Version 0.9


  • Allow solution level packages to be uninstalled from console.
  • Fix argument cannot be null message when uninstalling unknown package from console.
  • Support version constraints in packages.config file when using Update-Package in console.

Version 0.8


  • Update to NuGet 2.8.5 to support Xamarin Studio 5.9.2
  • Fix gtk critical errors when opening Manage Packages dialog.

Version 0.7


  • Fix exception when import removed when unintalling AutoMapper.
  • Support PowerShell script that add imports to MSBuild global projects.
  • Support target framework specific NuGet PowerShell scripts.
  • Fix custom repository paths not used for Install-Package cmdlet.
  • Colour text in Package Console Extension window.
  • Support -verbose parameter in PowerShell console.

Version 0.6.1


  • Update to NuGet 2.8.3 to support Xamarin Studio 5.9

Version 0.6


  • Fix type load exception in the Package Console Extension window in Xamarin Studio 5.3.

Version 0.5


  • Implement most of the EnvDTE project model which can be used from the Package Console Extension window.
  • Fix new Package Console not showing projects in drop down if opened after the solution is opened.
  • Standard aliases (e.g. ls, pwd, cd) for commands now defined in Package Console Extension window.
  • Modify addin so it works with MonoDevelop 5.0, 5.1 and 5.2.

Version 0.4


  • Add a Package Console Extension window that supports the PowerShell cmdlets Install-Package, Uninstall-Package, Get-Project, Update-Package and Get-Package. Uses Pash.

Version 0.3


  • Allow managing of packages at the solution level. Manage Packages menu option available from the Project menu and when the solution is right clicked. This opens the Manage Packages dialog allowing packages to be installed into multiple projects at the same time.

Version 0.2


  • Add List Portable Class Libraries command to unified search. This new command runs the MonoPcl command line utility which lists the .NET portable class libraries available on the local machine.
  • Rename Install Package command in unified search to be Add Package.
  • Show package id and version in unified search category.
  • Add new search categories package and nuget which are a different way to run the Add Package command.

Version 0.1


  • Support installing a NuGet package from unified search with new Install Package command.