Matt Ward

MonoDevelop .NET Core Addin Releases

Version 0.6


  • Fix null reference when loading tests for NUnit test runner.
  • Stop test discovery if no tests found after a period of time.
  • testRunner being added to project.json now updates Unit Tests window after build.

Version 0.5


  • Add support for running unit tests with .NET Core test runners from the Unit Tests window with results shown in the Test Results window.
  • Update project templates for .NET Core 1.0 (preview 2)
  • Fix missing icons in New Project dialog in Xamarin Studio 6.1.
  • Parse build errors from dotnet build output.
  • Support projects created by VS 2015 Update 2.
  • Fix icon not displayed for clear button in .NET Core Output window.
  • Show design time host process output in .NET Core output window.
  • Fix package restore happening continually.
  • Fix errors not being cleared from Errors window.
  • Update status bar when restoring dependencies.
  • Fix dependencies not showing in Solution window on Linux.
  • Show error message if .NET Core cannot be found.

Version 0.4


  • Fix being unable to open a project created on Windows.
  • Do not show directories starting with dot in Solution window.
  • Fix suppressed warnings still showing in text editor.
  • New solution pad icons created by Václav Vančura.

Version 0.3


  • Support .NET Core 1.0 RC2 SDK.
  • Supporting debugging .NET Core projects on Mac.
  • Fix UI hang if design time host does not return project information.

Version 0.2


  • Do not start restore if project.lock.json file changes.
  • Allow dependencies to be manually restored.
  • Fix incorrect project name being created when name contains dot character.
  • Watch files in directories defined in global.json file.
  • Do not show backup files in Solution window.
  • Show empty directories in Solution window.
  • Allow automatic DNX restore to be enabled or disabled.

Version 0.1


  • First Release