Matt Ward

NuGet Support in Visual Studio for Mac 7.3


  • Support installing System.ValueTuple NuGet Package from Quick Fixes
  • NuGetizer 3000 – Update NuGet.Build.Packaging to version 0.2
  • Support NuGet Restore MSBuild Properties
    • RestoreAdditionalProjectFallbackFolders
    • RestoreAdditionalProjectSources
    • RestoreFallbackFolders
    • RestorePackagesPath
    • RestoreSources
  • Fixed transitive dependencies not available when using project.json

More information on all the new features and changes in Visual Studio for Mac 7.3 can be found in the release notes.

Quick Fix – Install System.ValueTuple NuGet Package

C# 7.0 introduced tuple types that may require the System.ValueTuple NuGet package to be added to the project. Visual Studio for Mac now offers to install the System.ValueTuple NuGet package if the project requires this NuGet package.

Creating a .NET Framework 4.6 project with the following code:

public (string, int) GetValues(string id)
  return ("Name", 25);

You will see error markers in the text editor. If you hover over one of these error markers you will see a Predefined type ‘System.ValueTuple`2’ is not defined or imported message.

ValueTuple type not defined text editor error tooltip

If you right click the error marker there is now a new Install Package ‘System.ValueTuple’ Quick Fix action available.

Text editor Install System.ValueTuple Package quick fix menu item

From this menu you can install the latest System.ValueTuple NuGet package or open the Add Packages dialog to search for a specific version of the System.ValueTuple NuGet package.

Text editor install latest System.ValueTuple package quick fix menu item

Note that if the project is targeting .NET Framework 4.7 or .NET Standard 2.0 then the System.ValueTuple NuGet package is not required.

Also note that the official package source needs to be available for this feature to work.

NuGetizer 3000 – Updated NuGet.Build.Packaging to version 0.2

The version of the NuGet.Build.Packaging NuGet package used by default for NuGetizer 3000 support has been updated from 0.1.276 to 0.2.0. This fixes a potential build error when building with Mono 5.6.

Using "ReportAssetsLogMessages" task from assembly "/usr/local/share/dotnet/sdk/2.0.0/Sdks/Microsoft.NET.Sdk/build/../tools/net46/Microsoft.NET.Build.Tasks.dll".
Task "ReportAssetsLogMessages"
/usr/local/share/dotnet/sdk/2.0.0/Sdks/Microsoft.NET.Sdk/build/Microsoft.PackageDependencyResolution.targets(323,5): error MSB4018: The "ReportAssetsLogMessages" task failed unexpectedly. [RefactoringEssentials/RefactoringEssentials.2017/RefactoringEssentials.csproj]
/usr/local/share/dotnet/sdk/2.0.0/Sdks/Microsoft.NET.Sdk/build/Microsoft.PackageDependencyResolution.targets(323,5): error MSB4018: System.TypeLoadException: Could not resolve type with token 0100005b (from typeref, class/assembly NuGet.ProjectModel.IAssetsLogMessage, NuGet.ProjectModel, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=31bf3856ad364e35) [RefactoringEssentials/RefactoringEssentials.2017/RefactoringEssentials.csproj]
/usr/local/share/dotnet/sdk/2.0.0/Sdks/Microsoft.NET.Sdk/build/Microsoft.PackageDependencyResolution.targets(323,5): error MSB4018: at Microsoft.NET.Build.Tasks.TaskBase.Execute () [0x00000] in <01420900fd004c128de2d2ee31bad624>:0 [RefactoringEssentials/RefactoringEssentials.2017/RefactoringEssentials.csproj]
/usr/local/share/dotnet/sdk/2.0.0/Sdks/Microsoft.NET.Sdk/build/Microsoft.PackageDependencyResolution.targets(323,5): error MSB4018: at Microsoft.Build.BackEnd.TaskExecutionHost.Microsoft.Build.BackEnd.ITaskExecutionHost.Execute () [0x00023] in <765502eb2f884ce79731edeb4b0517fb>:0 [RefactoringEssentials/RefactoringEssentials.2017/RefactoringEssentials.csproj]
/usr/local/share/dotnet/sdk/2.0.0/Sdks/Microsoft.NET.Sdk/build/Microsoft.PackageDependencyResolution.targets(323,5): error MSB4018: at Microsoft.Build.BackEnd.TaskBuilder+d__26.MoveNext () [0x0022d] in <765502eb2f884ce79731edeb4b0517fb>:0 [RefactoringEssentials/RefactoringEssentials.2017/RefactoringEssentials.csproj]

The ReadLegacyDependencies target from NuGet.Build.Packaging.Tasks is called when PackOnBuild is set to true.

The NuGet.Build.Packaging.Tasks assembly was loading an embedded NuGet.ProjectModel assembly that conflicts with the version that is used by Microsoft.NET.Build.Tasks.

Support RestoreAdditionalProjectFallbackFolders MSBuild Property

The RestoreAdditionalProjectFallbackFolders MSBuild property is read and appended to the list of fallback folders stored in the project.assets.json file. The .NET Core 2.0 SDK will set this MSBuild property to point to the NuGet package fallback folder that is installed with the SDK. This will be used to resolve NuGet packages first before downloading them to the ~/.nuget/packages folder.

Support RestoreAdditionalProjectSources MSBuild Property

The RestoreAdditionalProjectSources MSBuild property can be used to add additional package sources to the existing list of sources used to resolve packages.

Support RestoreFallbackFolders MSBuild Property

The RestoreFallbackFolders MSBuild property can be used by project that uses PackageReferences to define a set of package fallback folders that will override any specified in the NuGet.Config file. It can also be used to clear any pre-defined fallback folders by specifying ‘clear’ as its value. Note that this value does not affect any folders defined by RestoreAdditionalProjectFallbackFolders which will be appended even if RestoreFallbackFolders is set to ‘clear’.

Support RestorePackagesPath MSBuild Property

The RestorePackagesPath MSBuild property can be used to override the global packages folder location when a project uses a PackageReference.

Support RestoreSources MSBuild property

The RestoreSources MSBuild property can be used to override the sources defined by any NuGet.Config file. Any sources defined in the RestoreAdditionalProjectSources MSBuild property will still be appended to the list of sources if RestoreSources is defined.

Bug Fixes

Transitive dependencies not available when using project.json

With two projects A and B that both use project.json files, project B referencing project A, the NuGet package dependencies used by project A were not available to project B transitively. This was because the project reference information was not being used when a restore occurred. This caused the assemblies from the transitively referenced NuGet packages to not be added to the project.lock.json file for Project B.